Using a Single Source Supplier

Time and time again we have had to answer the question “Why use a Single Source Supplier?”. Customers often have the objection that they can just go directly with the supplier and cut out the middleman. Now, this is true but like many DIYers, before they get started on a project they ask themselves “Is this really something I want to take on?”. It may be the perfect project for you to manage by yourself, or it may be one that the more you think about it, the more dread builds within you.

AxisNorth has many different capabilities, we can be a full-service supplier, meaning you never have to worry about your project. Or if you want to be more hands-on, we can let you in on every stage of the process, in a fully transparent manner. Hop on a call with the supplier and us to get a solid grasp on where your project stands. We just want to be a source of tranquility for your polymer projects. Now let’s look at some information regarding a single source and how AxisNorth can help your business flourish.

The Lego Dilemma

Picture this, it’s 3:00 a.m., it’s cold in the house, you are lying in bed and upset you have an urge to get a glass of water. You lay for a while, growing more upset that you can’t fall back asleep until that need for water is fulfilled.

Enough is enough. Finally, you crawl out of bed and head towards the bedroom door, then your big toe collides with the corner of the door, adding to your previous frustration of getting out of bed. You push on for that glass of water, throbbing toe and all. Having the equivalent of Google Maps pulled of your house in your head, down the stairs you go. Counting each stair as you descend, as you reach the bottom you miscount and extend your leg expecting to feel the floor but down you go, face first into the wall. Now your nose and toe are throbbing.

Cool, calm, and collected you are heading down the home stretch, the final hallway. But your kids (or you) left out a hallway full of Legos. Unbeknownst to the Legos, the bottom of your foot firmly plants on the first Lego, and then the second Lego stabs your second foot as you slam it to the ground. Hopping around you punch a hole in the wall (a little dramatic, but there’s a point). You cut your losses and decide to survive without the water.

Sourcing Your Project

You may be asking yourself. What does stepping on Legos and stubbing my toe have to do with sourcing? AxisNorth wants to help remove any hardships you may encounter along your product journey. A supplier helps mitigate obstacles you face throughout a project’s lifecycle and helps achieve the end result (getting water). You will likely need a different supplier for each stage in your project’s lifecycle such as a manufacturer, storage, logistics, assembly, and more. If something happens with one of these suppliers, you will need a backup plan otherwise you may end up in a bigger mess than what you started with (a fist-sized hole in your wall).

AxisNorth Removes Obstacles

Wouldn’t it be nice if every hurdle during a project was removed or mitigated? Instead of finding multiple different sources for every stage within your project life cycle, you can come to AxisNorth, where we will carry your project from beginning to end. This is the beauty of using a single-source supplier, no more juggling multiple different contacts that are crucial to the success of your project.

AxisNorth has trusted vendors in any polymer process, when molding is completed, we can bring in bulk quantities to warehouse and ship to you as needed. With years of experience working in the polymer industry, we can remove the obstacles for you, so you never lose sight of your end goal. AxisNorth being a single source supplier has the ability to get to know your project very well. This understanding of your project allows AxisNorth to work through any obstacles that come about.

In reflection, there will be multiple different challenges when starting a new project. Ask yourself before you start if doing it yourself will add to your stress and frustration with your already full plate. Even if it’s just something you would like assistance on, let AxisNorth remove obstacles throughout your journey. Get in touch today!