Adding Value

Value is going above and beyond basic, everyday needs and requirements.  It’s going a step further and servicing the needs of a company/individual to a point where they are able to see a positive difference.  A company’s reputation for delivering exceptional service and service experiences sends a strong signal of quality and value that can retain customers and attract non-customers. Companies can attain this by including value add processes in their product offerings. For example, AxisNorth’s value add processes include our assembly, warehousing, and logistic processes.

“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.” – Albert Einstein

Taking the great Albert Einstein’s advice we will both become successful and of value. How does this translate to business? First, companies need to determine where and exactly how their customers struggle and what shortcomings are major pain points. Second, a company must implement and advertise the value add process that they have now added to their product offerings.

How AxisNorth Becomes a “Value-Adder”

AxisNorth is about bringing value to not only our customers but our suppliers as well.  Value is what sets you apart from your competition and rises you above others.  Value is going out of your way to surpass expectations, as a result, develop trusting and seamless relationships without boundaries.

The first step in becoming a true “Value-Adder” is to know who you are working with.  At AxisNorth, we get to know our customers and suppliers so we can offer the best value-added solution for both.  AxisNorth can offer different solutions, based on the knowledge and expertise we’ve developed throughout years of working with many different processes.  This experience has put us in a position many other companies cannot offer, which is knowledge and experience in a multitude of processes and past experiences.

Value Add Processes at AxisNorth

AxisNorth provides a wide range of value-add processes for our customers. Those are as follows supply base consolidation, warehousing customer’s products so they can bring in large quantities and get price breaks, logistics services that keep track and ship customer’s products as they are stored and needed from our warehouse, lastly, we offer assembly services through our sister company Revolv Manufacturing. Our motto is We Listen, We Learn, We Solve, and We Partner. At AxisNorth we listened to our customer’s struggles and what they are looking for. Next, we learned about the most important factors that need to be included in these product offerings. We solved this issue by incorporating these value-adding processes into our product mix. Lastly, we partner with customers to create long-lasting win-win relationships by showing our unique capabilities through our value-adding processes.

AxisNorth provides critical cost-reduction, resource-reduction, and risk-reduction opportunities for all plastic and rubber components including offshore purchasing options.  We provide value through state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, a deep certified supplier base, and years of experience.  Through these entities, we provide our customers with an honest and unbiased solution to their component needs.

Efficiency, knowing who to contact, the best process to use, and problem-solving capabilities are what create value for customers and vendors. Learn how we can help you be more successful today with the value AxisNorth can add to your company.