Polymer Assembly Servicespolymer-assembly-serivces

At AxisNorth our slogan is We listen, we learn, we solve, and we partner. In this order, we can (1) get to know our customers better and have a personal relationship with them. (2) learn what is a pain point versus placing what we believe is the issue. (3) create solutions that are effective and have a lasting impact. Our goal is to create value at every point in the sales process. This includes adding value to polymer products that we did not manufacture which is where our assembly services are a major value add in the process. AxisNorth can bring in your manufactured product and do the assembly for you. This allows your company to receive only one part number versus what it would have been if you were bringing in every component on your own.

The Importance of Efficiency in Manufacturing

Efficiency is likely the most important aspect of polymer manufacturing. Streamlined processes that don’t cost your company any unnecessary downtime. Whether this be scheduling machines correctly, or making sure you have the proper number of employees to operate at full capacity. Inefficient manufacturing processes can lead to bottlenecks, errors, and delays. This can have long-term consequences such as lost customers and lost revenue. By focusing on streamlining all processes within your polymer manufacturing process you will improve your overall performance and gain a competitive advantage.

How Production Assembly Can Improve Efficiency

Now that we have talked a little about the importance of efficiency in your polymer process, let’s talk about how assembly services can help improve efficiency. This is the most glaring reason why outsourcing assembly can improve efficiency. You will no longer need employees to focus on this part of the manufacturing process. When outsourcing the assembly process, you can focus more employees directly on the manufacturing process. As labor shortages continue to be a struggle for lots of companies, freeing up a couple of employees can make a mighty difference. Another benefit of outsourcing assembly services is that the space that would have been needed for assembly will now be freed up. With this newfound open space, you can allocate this to a wide range of different purposes such as a new machine, or more room for storage. By outsourcing your assembly this allows you to focus resources on product development, marketing, and other aspects of your business.

Production Assembly Services for OEM Companies

OEM companies can also take advantage of polymer assembly services. Many polymer manufacturing companies do not offer assembly services for the polymer components they manufacture. This means bringing in extra inventory to get all pieces that are needed for the final assembly. AxisNorth can bring in extra components which are needed for the complete assembly. Even if you are an OEM having your polymer components produced by different manufacturers, we will work with those companies to bring in all components. We will then provide the assembly and give you one product back. Gone are the days when you need to keep track of a multitude of part numbers. When you enlist AxisNorth to complete your assembly you will get one complete part number back.

Assembly services for polymer products are just one example of the value-add processes that AxisNorth brings to the table. Reach out today and let’s find a solution for your next project!