Business Efficiency

Sourcing the right vendor to manufacture your plastic and rubber components is a demanding task in today’s ever-shifting global marketplace. As a business, you also need to have an efficient polymer sourcing strategy on top of finding the right vendor. New technologies, new vendors, new materials, offshore options, and JIT inventory requirements all combine to demand a fresh, innovative approach to purchasing.  AxisNorth has pioneered a unique purchasing model that minimizes your cost, risk, and resources while maximizing profitability, productivity, and Return on Investment.

Knowledge comes through a lifetime of learning and doing.  AxisNorth employees bring several lifetimes of combined experience, knowledge, and expertise in the rubber and plastics industry. This knowledge and experience aids AxisNorth when it comes to efficient polymer sourcing objectives.  Along with our supplier’s expertise, we have an infinite knowledge base. Partnering with AxisNorth gets you and your company access to this knowledge. We apply our shared experiences to every project that comes our way, collaboratively building a solution for your new project. This knowledge will help get your project completed in a timely manner.

When you need a rubber or plastic product, AxisNorth is there to help you from idea through production, or any step along the way.  We know what to do and where to look to find those answers in a minimum amount of time.  When trying to meet deadlines, this is an important piece of a sometimes-large problem.

These important qualities give AxisNorth the ability to help our customers learn what they need to know and secure the plastic or rubber part they need in the most timely, accurate, and price-conscious manner. We want to help your company solve your largest polymer problems. Whether you decide to be hands-on or hands off we want to work with you to solve your problems!

Start solving your problems today and let us work with you on a new or existing project.